Marine Survey

Marine Solutions Inc.(MSI) endeavors to respond promptly to client needs for marine surveys such as:

  • Damage
  • Salvage
  • Hull condition
  • Cargo condition
  • Machinery
  • Valuation
  • On/Off Charter
  • Topside
  • Internal
  • Floating and in dry dock
  • Lightship and deadweight (cargo)

In each case, the surveyor assignment will be based on the nature of the job requirements and, depending on the complexity of the work, the surveyor may be NAMS certified, or a licensed professional engineer.

We are authorized by OSHA to perform Maritime Gear Certification (29 CFR) for floating cranes/derricks, and
shore-based material handling devices; and additionally, we have provided stability review services for various other
such OSHA-authorized entities.

Owner Representation
MSI can work as a direct representative of the vessel owner and/or related parties such as general contractors. Examples of these arrangements include:

  • Bid package assistance
  • Bid and shipyard evaluation
  • Project Management
  • Construction observation for new construction/conversion/repair
  • Liaison with regulatory and classification bodies (e.g., USCG, ABS, shipyards, vendors, customers etc.)