Naval Architecture

Marine solutions Inc.(MSI) offers a wide range of naval architecture and related marine services ranging from traditional design for vessel strength and stability to unusual, out of the ordinary specialty jobs.

Marine solutions Inc. focuses primarily on barge work of all kinds :

  • Design and Engineering
  • Drawings and specifications
  • Marine Survey
  • Owner's representation
  • New construction, conversion and repair
  • inland and offshore
  • Service
    • Tank (integral and independent, heated)
    • Deck
    • Hopper (open, lift and rolling covers)
    • Crane and Derrick
    • Spud
    • Permanently moored (casing, support facility, etc.)
    • Self-propelled
    • Quarters / Hotel
    • Speciality

MSI personnel also have broad experience and expertise with other vessel types such as dry docks, ships, tow boats, work boats, dredges, and ferries as well as with other marine-related structures and equipment such as launch ways, crane ways, material handling facilities, access ramps, mooring cells,cranes, deck and mooring fittings.

Whether the job is large or small, MSI strives to respond to client needs quickly, effectively, and cost efficiently. In most cases work is performed in-house, However if job requirements exceed in-house capability (e.g. due to tight time constraints), a network is in place for additional, experienced and capable manpower resources to be applied under careful and responsible MSI review and supervision. This process smoothes the peaks and valleys of workload variation and acts to reduce overhead and expenses to the client.

We are experienced, flexible, motivated and responsive. We work hard toward a goal of long term relationships based on customer satisfaction and a balanced sharing of risks and rewards.

MSI endeavors to maintain professional liability insurance plus additional insurance that may be required by the client.

We invite you to review our qualifications, and hope you will give us an opportunity to help with your requirements. Contact us today.